A psoriasis-free summer

psoriasisvrij de zomer in

Last year I was almost 100% psoriasis-free when summertime arrived, and this will be the second consecutive carefree year whilst using Kartalin. December, January and February are months where psoriasis gets alot worse for me, and it was no different during the recent wintermonths. Read more…

Of course there were some improvements due to PUVA treatment, ointments and spending hours in the sun doing nothing, and all that on medical advice… lovely. If I was lucky, I would be able to wear my trousers up to the knee and walk through the surf without feeling embarrassed. Unfortunately, these improvements were offset each time winter was in sight. In recent years, even with a good summer, I spotted small 2-5mm dots emerging on my legs, soon to escalate into large persistent plaques. If I was lucky it wouldnt spread any further than my legs and elbows, in bad years it would cover large parts of my body.

There is not yet a cure for Psoriasis and neither is Kartalin, but up to now it has been by far the most effective treatment to tackle the symptoms. I was very curious to see how Kartalin would affect me this winter, now that I was pretty much psoriasis-free for a good 9 months because of Kartalin. Around January I noticed the first dots re-emerging on my legs, which I treated with Kartalin once a day. I’m very casual (read: lazy) in terms of taking medicine or in this case rubbing it in twice a day, but apart from 4 small spots I’ve managed to stay clear off Psoriasis.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming summer. Next step is losing weight. There is no excuse that can save me from not wearing a skirt now. I used to think losing weight was easier than getting rid of Psoriasis, but I must admit I’m having more trouble with stubborn pounds now. Does anyone have any useful suggestions, other than to eat less?

I wish for everyone to have a wonderful spring and a hot summer, psoriasis-free ofcouse!


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